Dear Friend,

Preparations are under way for the printing of a Jewish Calendar for the upcoming Jewish year beginning in September. The calendar will be a full-color publication and will include information about upcoming holidays and Shabbat and Holiday candle lighting times. The calendar will also include many of the events and programs of Living Torah Center/Chabad and Gan Israel Preschool. 
The calendar offers two unique advertising opportunities:  First, it allows your family's special occasions, i.e. Yahrzeits, birthdays and anniversaries, to be noted and printed.  All birthday and anniversary announcements printed in the calendar are automatically included in our birthday acknowledgement program.  All honorees will receive a card in recognition of their special day.  Yahrzeit announcements are also acknowledged with a letter including pertinent information and a Yahrzeit candle.  
Second, it provides an extraordinary advertising opportunity to market your business or services to the community at large.  Unlike ads in other media that are seen once and discarded, this business promotion will benefit you continuously, as it is displayed in homes and offices throughout the community the whole year round, thus ensuring optimum visibility for your products or services, and maximum return for your dollar.
In order to have the calendars in home by Rosh Hashana, the deadline for submitting ads is Friday, July 20 2021.
Your participation helps us with this worthy endeavor, as well as with our other efforts on behalf of Jewish continuity. Please take a moment to click HERE and fill out the advertising form on our website. Your early response is greatly appreciated.
Warm regards,           
Rabbi Boruch Rabinowitz Rabbi Dovid Tenenbaum
Director Assistant Director